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My Experience with SNS Nails: The Good & The Bad

My Experience with SNS Nails: The Good & The Bad

Hey Guys! It’s been a minute! The end of 2018 was crazy busy for me, but things are settling down. sorta kinda. What have you all been up to? Feel free to email or write in the comments below.

Any who! I’ll get to the point. lol. I tried SNS nails for the first time last November and I think I’m hooked. I was a skeptic at first because for 1.) I couldn’t wrap my head around paying $40-50 for nails, and for 2.) What is SNS anyway?…If you’re wondering it’s a Signature Nail System that consists of a dipping powder that hardens your nails.

A couple of my friends told me they loved it, so I figured I’d give it a try. My first SNS experience wasn’t the greatest. Don’t get me wrong my nails looked BEAUTIFUL, but within two days one of my nails was cracked. How did this happen?? I thought. I went back to the salon to get it fixed and that set lasted almost four weeks.

When I went to get that set removed I instantly noticed how STRONG & LONG my nails were. They didn’t seem brittle like they sometimes are with gel and acrylic. I was impressed and decided to get another SNS set. Guys - I got my nails done before Christmas and they are still in tact with no scratches, cracks, lifting, or chips. I still can’t believe it. Side-note I do plan to get them done this weekend after over 5 weeks with the same set! lol…Check below for more of the inside scoop on SNS nails:


The Good

  1. Healthier for your nails. No UV light required.

  2. Last for at least 4 weeks, or longer in my case.

  3. Nails are less brittle than with gel or acrylic.

  4. Allows for a natural look and feel.

The Bad

  1. It’s costly. A basic SNS set typically starts at $40 and up.

  2. Can crack easily, if not done by a well experienced nail tech.

  3. Can take a while to put on and remove.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be a permanent SNS fan. My nails are long, strong, and I’m loving the value I got for my money. Any questions or comments about SNS? Let me know below!

Also, if you’re on a budget check out my previous post, where I share my at home nail care routine!


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