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Becoming a Woman Warrior: Diary of Dahomey Play       Review

Becoming a Woman Warrior: Diary of Dahomey Play Review

Hey guys, hope all is well! I was recently invited to attend the “Diary of Dahomey” play by Lady Harris, and it was really inspiring. The play took place last Saturday at the Little Rock Cultural Center in Charlotte. It was based on the diary of TITI, who’s in the Dahomey Tribe in West Africa. TITI journeys through feeling worthless to her husband, as he tells her she isn’t a good wife because she can't cook, or bear his children. He leaves her. What will she do next?


TITI is forced to become a warrior as a form of survival. The other lady warriors call her weak, because she lacks confidence. TITI has to prove herself to the other women to show that she belongs in the tribe. The play transitions and we're introduced to Nia, who's a young professional working in corporate America. She’s a hard worker and just like TITI, she’s fighting to prove herself. She works on the marketing team and is excited to share her new campaign idea with her colleague Richard. Richard downplays her idea and insults her. He then steals Nia’s idea and takes all the credit for her hard work. Crazy right?

TITI and Nia are both at war. Nia tries to maintain her character after being backstabbed in the office, while TITI struggles with finding her place as a warrior in the Dahomey tribe. 


Richard is starting to feel the heat, as he has the responsibility of managing this new campaign but he lacks the knowledge behind it. Nia stands up for herself and tells her manager that Richard stole her idea. Her manager then moves her onto a new project.When Richard finds out Nia is no longer on his project team he loses it! He starts to have a mental break down at home and in the office, and he tells his manager the truth.  Isn’t it funny how things come back full circle? What you give is what you get.


TITI fights her next battle, and she wins! She actually kills her component. Where did her new found strength come from? Within herself! She put all those who called her weak to shame. She wasn’t what people defined her as. She was, who she wanted to be. Nia found the courage to talk to her manager and speak her truth. She uses her voice and the outcome was rewarding.


In both stories TITI and Nia had to think of the best way to deal with their situations. They could’ve crumbled and gave up, but instead they decided to hold their heads up high, and not let the enemy get them down. In life we have to remember to not let the battle get to us; we have the tools within us to win the war! 

The actors were strong and the stories were relatable. We saw Richard go through a mental break down at home and in the workplace. His performance was excellent! The audience could really see the intensity in the internal struggle he was facing. This play was very inspiring and I loved seeing the two stories play out between the Dahomey Tribe, and the present day corporate America environment. Major takeaways from this play are that we can stand up for ourselves in the workplace, stand up against those who doubt and don't believe in us, and we can be powerful. We are WOMEN Warriors.

The playwright Lady Harris is an author and has dabbled in different arts such as, dance and directing. If you’re in the Charlotte area check out one of her dance classes here!




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