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A Weekend in My New City!

A Weekend in My New City!

Being in a new city/state is so exciting! I've met so many great people since my time in North Carolina, and I can truly say that I've grown tremendously as a person. One thing about moving to a new state is that you are forced to step outside of your comfort zone in every way! Leaving your family/ friends behind and building a new social circle from scratch can be frightening, but nonetheless a very rewarding experience.


In attempt to build my personal network, I have gone to different meetup groups to meet new people. & this Saturday I went to a bike riding meetup! Can I say we had so much FUN & I also met some fellow bloggers.


I hadn't rode a bike in probably 10+ years, so I underestimated how hard it would be for me to remember how to ride! During the bike ride I started to tell myself.."you're going to fall"...."why did you think this was a good idea"....and I was really a little nervous about riding a bike in a busy, traffic congested city.

Once I got over being dramatic lol, I really enjoyed myself, and was proud that I tried something new.

& that I once again stepped outside of my comfort zone.

Yay for growth!


Have any of you rented a bike and went riding in your city lately? I'd love to hear below!



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