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What to do in Austin, Texas Babyyyy?

What to do in Austin, Texas Babyyyy?

My first trip to Texas….I didn’t really know what to expect…but I must say I had tons of fun. To date I’ve been to Houston and Austin…next on my list will be Dallas and San Antonio! I’ve heard great things about those Texas cities as well..

But for anyone looking to go to Austin for the first time, below are some pretty cool places to check out!

Texas Chili Parlor
This is like a little local spot and the food was AMAZING…if you love a strong margarita and flavorful food this is definitely the place to go.


Austin Graffiti Park
I was soooo inspired by this park. Every inch of space was filled with some type of artwork. This is a must go-to spot while in Austin. You’ll be surprised by the little things you may find...


It is such an artsy city….make sure to have your camera ready to take pics while touring!


6th Street
Austin has a pretty nice night life scene. We went to 6th Street and bar hopped. The city blocks this street off at a certain time, so there’s no cars roaming the street. We were able to get around without needing to drive anywhere. I would definitely recommend visiting this street while in town. Rainey Street is also a cute area with a few bars….a little smaller scale than 6th Street.

After leaving Austin, I was in Houston a couple of days and spent time with my uncle.

We went to Boudreaux’s Cajun Kitchen and I tried fried alligator for the first time. Yes..that’s right...fried alligator. As a northerner that is not a typical food I would eat on a day to day LOL. I was very reluctant! But I actually really liked it and am glad I tried.


That’s what I love about traveling….you get to experience new things and create memories that will last a lifetime…be sure to have a fun friend/family member with you when going out to explore!

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