About Ash


Hello, my name is Ashlei Andrea. 

Welcome to AshleiAndrea.com. If you love a good thought-provoking and inspiring read you’re at the right place! So a little about me, I’m a 20 somethin’ with a love for writing and helping others. I was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in Maryland. I'm a HR professional currently residing in Charlotte, NC. I love my line of work, but after college I realized how unfulfilled I was working a corporate job, with no creative outlet. “Adulting” just wasn’t doing me justice, and I wanted to feel a greater since of purpose in life. This led me to starting my blog in 2016. This is (my baby)/creative space to share my thoughts and feelings on topics relating to travelrelationshipsself-carebeautyproduct reviews, & women’s health.

AshleiAndrea.com is a site for readers who aspire to travel, make healthy lifestyle choices, and be authentically happy. I hope to uplift others by writing about obstacles and adventures that have inspired me! Be sure to stay connected by subscribing to my newsletter for any updates, or new blog content!